Are you being compassionate with yourself?

It is so important to be gentle with yourself.

There are enough external factors and forces in this world that are simply out of our control. With so much negativity floating around in our society it can be hard to overcome it and yet we are often our own worst critic and enemy. We see all the flaws when we look into the mirror, we beat ourselves up for not being in the right job, we never think we have accomplished enough, and we always stress ourselves to perform at a higher level.

But if we always focus on all the negative things we are just putting fire to our problem.

Take a moment to just reflect on how hard you are on yourself. 
Next time you are looking yourself in the mirror think about this note. Every time you are on the verge of becoming your own worst enemy (again) think about this moment and have the strength to make that mental shift. The importance of changing your patterns, behaviour, thoughts and words into something positive cannot be highlighted enough. It will take you on a new path — a much more productive path and present you with new opportunities.

Make sure to take care of yourself.